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Smith sends 15 Fulbright Fellows around the world this year


Noa Gutterman ’14 is one of 15 Fulbright Fellows from Smith College this year.

Recent Smith graduate Noa Gutterman ’14 is one of this year’s 15 Fulbright Fellows from Smith College. Noa will be conducting anthropology research in Ethiopia throughout the next year for a project titled “Affirming the Economic, Environmental & Socially Sustainable Rewards of the Ensete Plant.” A recent article in The Ann Arbor News details Noa’s research plans.

In addition to Noa, 14 other Smithies will be participating in the Fulbright program this year. Their names and projects are listed below.

  • Noreen Ahsan ’14, Malaysia: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Laura Botero Gomez ’14, Brazil: English Teaching Assistantship
  • “Caitleen” Erin Desetti ’14, Germany: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Zoë Gioja ’13, South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Kiara Gomez ’14, Greece: Oceanography “Reducing Seagrass Meadow Decline to Prevent Coastal Erosion and Preserve Fish Habitats”
  • Emma Kimata ’14, Malaysia: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Genesis Luviano ’14, Brazil: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Nora Nadire ’14, Germany: English Teaching Assistantship
  • “Pepper” Alexandra Neff ’14, Turkey: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Deborah Ok ’14, South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
  • Leonora Genya Pepper ’09, Brazil: Agriculture “Boosting the Viability of Sustainable Agro-Forestry through Collective Marketing”
  • Maya Potter ’14, India: Anthropology “Documenting the Negotiated Use of Public Space by Women Street Vendors in Ahmedabad”
  • Lisa Saladin ’13, Ireland: Language and Literature “Fresh Feminine Voices: Transfiguring Irish-Language Poetry in the Postmodern Era”
  • Margot Veranes ’03, Mexico: International Relations “Reverse Migration: Challenges and Opportunities for Jalisco”


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