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Paige Christie ’15 becomes sixth Smith student to successfully swim the English Channel

Twelve hours and five minutes after leaving England Sunday, Aug. 24, Paige Christie ’15 reached land in France, completing her solo swim of the English Channel. Christie is the sixth Smith student to successfully swim the English Channel.

Winter SAQ now available

The Winter 2011-12 issue of the Smith Alumnae Quarterly has come out in print and online and highlights Smithies around the world.

Architect Erinn McGurn ’94 is featured in the magazine’s cover story (see SAQ page 20 for the whole story) for her work building safe, sustainable schools in Zambia. Erinn and her husband started […]

Smith soccer and field hockey teams play abroad

In the latest issue of The Sophian Sports Editor Katelynn Wertsch ’14 wrote about Smithies playing sports abroad this summer.

To add to the news that two Smithies swam the English Channel this summer, Wertch’s article details the Smith soccer and field hockey teams’ trips to Costa Rica and Ireland, respectively.

Regular seasons began last […]

Smith Club of Great Britain supports Smithies swimming the Channel

The Smith College Club of Great Britain is helping to support two Smithies who will be attempting to cross the English Channel this month.

Emma Reim ’13 and Mackenzie Bradley ’13 are hoping to cross all 23.69 miles of the Channel sometime in the next week or so. They have already made it to England […]