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Students and Scholars

This afternoon, we had our final seminar session with Justin and Donna. We talked a bit about solutions for the problem of Jerusalem, and whether it should/could be united, internationalized, or divided. The purpose was really to recapitulate what he had learned and try to present the different narratives that we have heard over the […]

Flickr page updated

More photos uploaded from our celebratory dinner & the day over on my flickr page. Blog posts to follow!


What’s in a word?

Our discussion with Anat Hoffman revealed the evolving nature of the Hebrew language in Israel. Ms. Hoffman pointed out that until four years ago, there existed no Hebrew word for “integrity.” Nine months ago, the Hebrew word for “accountability” was coined. Just recently, Ms. Hoffman put in a request for a Hebrew translation of the […]

Nationality: Undecided

Yesterday, we spoke with Anat Hoffman, a former Jerusalem city councilor. Though she served in municipal government for fourteen years, she seemed very disillusioned with the city. She said that within the Holy City, she saw the worst of human nature. Of course she had visited the holy sights, she said. She just didn’t find […]


Some students in our group have begun using the word Apartheid to talk about the Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza. Obviously, they are not the first people to use this claim against the country and unfortunately, they will not be the last. I would like to talk about why this label is […]

Mesibat siyyum – Farewell Dinner

To mark the second to last day of our seminar, and the transition to student internships, we all gathered together at Beit Ticho for an evening of merriment.



Angry Black Woman

Ok so, believe it or not, but I think my title does hold some relevance to this course. I was reading a blog post recently which quoted a woman expressing frustration over societies denial of the right of racial minorities to express collective anger and how it takes a white man, a white man’s privilege, […]

We’ve basically reached the end of the seminar. It’s been exhausting and eye-opening and I’m definitely ready to move onto the next portion of my summer. I have, however, developed the tolerance and patience to listen to narratives and stories that I do not agree with; I am also beginning to refine my choices of […]

Why a women’s college?

Yesterday, we visited the Hind al-Husseini College for Women (part of Al Quds University), where we met an amazing group of women not unlike ourselves. After a brief introduction, the Dean of the College wanted to know why we chose a women’s college. Having gotten this question many times when giving tours to prospective students, […]

Animal Friends/Religious Friends

Today we met with Anat Hoffman, leader of Women at the Wall and former Jerusalem city council member. I found her and I to be very much on the same page but what I enjoyed most (to the extent that it challenged my narrative) was actually the level of pessimism in her presentation. She was […]