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Londonistan, Eurabia?

My JPost pieces have been getting comments, y’all! By random people around the world! My dream of being a journalist of international acclaim have come true! Well, to the approximately twenty people who like to comment on JPost articles, anyway.

Here’s the troubling thing. The comments are kind of…well, racist.

I know, I know. […]

Yesterday, I went to a group meeting in Ein Kerem composed of Palestinian and Israeli women who share their healing techniques with each other. The group started about five years ago in German nun’s house in the area and, though she’s since had issues with getting her visa renewed and can’t get back to the […]

Humanity still exists!

Sometimes I forget that there are good people in this world and they do in fact live in this city. Actually, I’m sure many good people live in this city but unfortunately they have become part of a “side” of the conflict and therefore all actions they do have consequences, no matter their intentions. A […]

(Other) Americans here embarrass me

I was on the bus the other night, and I heard an American girl talking to an Israeli about where she was from. She kept saying Washington, so he asked if that was near New York. (I’m pretty sure Israelis think New York is the only state in the US). “No,” She explained, “I’m from […]

Elbows Up, Y’all

Yesterday, after waking up at 5 am, getting to mass at 7 (boy, lack of sleep really enlightens my French!), and coming home for a snack and a change of clothes, I went– thanks to Kenzi for the heads-up– to the National Library’s 24,000-book giveaway. It was, how shall I say, complete chaos. Thanks to […]

SWG in Jerusalem

On the bus this morning, I helped a student from Toronto navigate the buses to the Old City. He had just arrived yesterday and it was his only day off since his intense conflict-resolution classes were starting tomorrow. Thus, he wanted to see as much as he could, including the Old City. He asked me […]

Every 50 years, or was it 49….

When I went to Shabbat at one of my coworkers houses the other week, I played a game where everyone at the table had to come up with a question to ask the table and everyone had to answer at least one question until all the questions were done. I decided to ask a question […]

Crazy Americans

On Friday, Julia and I went to the Bezalel Art School craft fair that is held weekly on King George Street. We stepped into the outdoor space, immediately overwhelmed by the various art offered by the different stands. Artists were selling their crafts, which ranged from scarves and pillows to ceramics, photographs, and jewelry. We […]

A Prison Story

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the abduction of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who has been held by Hamas without access to the Red Cross or contact with his family. This is a blatant breech of international law, which states that under no circumstances may a hostage be taken in order to force an […]

My interview got koofed, y’all.

So in my last post, I was being a snob and talking about how I was writing to you plebes from the VIP room at the Israeli Presidential Conference. Man, they had panini and free soda and tons of salad, while all the “normals” had to pay for their stuff. Pathetic. So as my nose […]