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Hot Hot Hot

This will be a short post, but as we are sharing our final thoughts on this trip, I realize that no one has mentioned the heat yet. The weather here has been surprisingly tolerable (for the most part), and the nights continue to be chilly. In the past week, however, the temperature has spiked up incredibly during the day. As it is a dry heat, you do not realize as fast how dehydrated you are getting. But after 10, sometimes even 5, minutes outside, you feel the heat weigh on your body, your head begins to ache, and you suddenly realize that you are drenched in sweat. Even sitting at the bus stop is uncomfortable. I have, a few times, wondered if I was actually melting. Well, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit, but it is pretty awful. It seems like perfect timing that we are leaving when the weather is finally getting unbearable. Especially as there are no beaches nearby, being in Jerusalem in this heat feels a bit like being stuck in a little jar in the sun.


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