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Jerusalem’s street art

When I was in Jerusalem, I took notice to the graffiti around the city. As I rode the bus or walked around town, looking out for new artwork or recognizable stencils became one of my favorite activities. Art on the Wall aside, the particularities of graffiti in my home base was of particular interest: one day, while strolling through City Center with Natalie, we came upon a picture, glued some time ago to the concrete of a building’s exterior, with “Where is East Jerusalem?” scrawled over its image. Of course, there’s also the ever-famous Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman (which I still can’t stay without stuttering, how wholly appropriate) displayed on every single corner of seemingly every single street in the city. I seriously can’t get away from it; if I want to find one, all I really ever had to do was look around. There was also this cartoon rabbit that popped up all over Jerusalem. I have no idea if it held any particular symbolism or meaning, but it was almost as prolific as the Na Nach graffiti, occasionally taking sister forms in frogs and cats with the same bubbly appearance.

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