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The Freedom Ride

Yesterday we mostly focused on issues in contemporary life in Jerusalem, which in many ways, cemented the ideas that have been all around us throughout the seminar; in particular, that Jerusalem really is like no other city. In the morning, we got our first taste of Jerusalem activism and joined folks from the Israel Religious […]

Freedom Riders

Yesterday, we were directly involved in one of the biggest women rights movement in Jerusalem. The Israel Religious Action Center hosted us in one of their famous Freedom Rides, which entails getting on a bus line that runs through Ultra-Orthadox neighborhoods, in an attempt to help empower women to sit wherever they want on a […]

Freedom Riders

I absolutely loved being a Freedom Rider the other day, and I hope to be able to do so again soon. It was interesting for me to be a part of something that actually made a difference. If it wasn’t for us, the bus would have been segregated, and the Orthodox woman (pregnant, no less!) […]

Pic: America’s Role in the Middle East

At the Consulate General of the United States of America to Jerusalem

Smith students were fortunate to visit with Amanda Pilz, political officer, at the Consulate General of the United States of America to Jerusalem. Ms. Pilz spoke about the unique role of the US in the peace process, about the work of […]

“From my Forehead Bursts the Sword of Light”

I’ve noticed that I start every post with “yesterday..”. You’ll have to excuse me; as a history major I cannot help but live in the past. I suppose since it is already morning (how did that happen so quickly?), it would be more correct to say “two days ago”. Anyway, the other day, we were […]

Pics: Those who chose to make Jerusalem Home

Gathering with local Smith alumnae at the home of Susan Bass

Talk by Jerusalem city council member Rachel Azaria

Rachel Azaria, 34, is the youngest member of Jerusalem’s city council. A modern Orthodox mother of three (with a fourth child on the way) she is the head of Yerushalmim (Jerusalemites), an […]


During our drive in Ramallah I noticed how different the city was to East Jerusalem. It wasn’t even that the economy in the city was booming in comparison but the look of the city. The contrast in dress of the women in Ramallah to Jerusalem in general. Ramallah was obviously a more secular city in […]

Pics: Visit to Ramallah

Disucssion at the al-Amari Refugee Camp

Political Poster in the al-Amari Refugee Camp

In the same way that many Israeli maps include the territories of the West Bank that the Palestinians desire for their future state, so too do maps of Palestine (see above) include the entirety of the […]

Pics: “The Environment Knows No Boundaries: The Kidron Valley Master Plan”

Pictures of our fascinating exploration of the issue of cross-boundary water and environmental issues with a team from the Kidron Valley-Wadi Nar Master Plan, organized by Professor Richard Laster of the Hebrew University. The discussion of the possibilities and difficulties of environmental cooperation took us from Jerusalem to the municipality of al-Ubadia in the Palestinian […]

Pics: Exploring Jerusalem and the Settlements

A discussion at the home of Bob Lang, Religious Council of Efrat

Spokesman for the Jewish Community of Hebron at the site of the murder of baby Shalhevet Pass

Discussion in Hebron with Musa Abu Hash'Hash of Be'Tselem, an Israeli human rights organization



Tour with […]