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Can I Get a Cheeseburger?

Tonight Kamilah and I skipped our tedious cooking routine in search for meat. We have been so overwhelmed by the copious amounts of delicious, fresh, and not to mention CHEAP, fruits and vegetables from the Shuk, that meat has somehow disappeared from our regular diet. The raw meat available in the Shuk is not only hard to prepare but just plain inconvenient seeing as our apartments are not equipped with a grill or oven.

Tonight after a packed day of sight-seeing and lectures, we headed to the Burger Bar just down the road from our dorms in French Hill. Craving mouth-watering cheeseburgers, we were forced to adapt to the kosher rules of Judaism (mixing of dairy and meat not-allowed), and ended up with a 300 gram and 150 gram spicy burger meal. Mine came with your classic crispy french fries, while Kamilah, taking the “circle fry option” in hopes of curly fries, received homemade potato chips. After ordering we took our seats outside, only to be called back in again;
“which sauce would you like?”
“what kinds do you have?”
“any kind you can think of.”

I. Am. In. Heaven. (Perhaps why Jerusalem is called the holy city?)
After they graciously smothered my double patty burger with BBQ sauce, spicy sauce, and ketchup, I inhaled that puppy in a whopping 10 minutes.

After chatting with an employee long enough to get him reprimanded by his boss, Marie met us for a food settling walk around French Hill.

It was lovely and delicious and I love beef.
(even if I can’t have cheese on it!)

Rebekah Renfro

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