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A Smithie Braves the Wilderness

Okay, so it technically was an oasis and not the wilderness, but for someone as sheltered as me, our camping trip near the Dead Sea/Ein Gedi was definitely a complete 180 from the status quo. A few hours ago, Rebekah, Sarah, Nick, and I came back from an amazing weekend of camping. Rebekah and Sarah’s […]

It’s a small world after all

It’s always amazing to me how small Israel. Not in terms of actual geographic size but in terms of the people. On my last trip here last summer I was at Mahane Yehuda when I ran into one of my second cousins who lives five minutes away from me in the States. That has nothing […]

Working with the Refugee Kids

Yesterday I joined Kamilah and helped babysit some kids. Their mothers were all refugees learning Hebrew, and so they needed someone to look after their children while they were in their lessons and their husbands were at work. Working with these kids was very different from working with the kids at Hand-in-Hand. First off, the […]

Lunch Explorations

I have an hour-long lunch break which permits me to do some exploring around Jerusalem. Some days when I am exhausted I will walk to a nearby park and eat my lunch and nap, but this usually isn’t the case. I figure I only have a limited time in Jerusalem, so why not make the […]

Shabbat from the Outside Looking in

Last Friday night, Sarah and I were invited to share Shabbat dinner with a few friends from Givat Excavations. Annie, Aviv, and Avi all share an apartment a short taxi drive away. They are all former American’s who have lived here for some years now after making Aliyah. Daniel, a native New Yorker in Israel […]

English Camp Training

So as of yesterday I stopped working with the babies and starting training for the English camp that opens next week (and caters to the middle school age). I have to admit, I’m not completely happy with the change, but that could also be because I haven’t met any of the kids I’m going to […]

Haifa Pride

On Friday, I trekked up north along with a few other interns, staff members and supporters to help represent Open House in the annual Haifa Pride March. I’m not really sure what I was expecting from it, seeing as I knew it would probably be smaller than the one in Tel Aviv but it did […]

Interviewing on my day off, part deux

So Donna asked me what the archaeologists think of the religious sanctity of the site, and I’m behind on posts so here comes another one.

I asked both archaeologists why they were attracted to the Givati Parking Lot as a dig and both responded that it was the dream of every archaeologist to work in […]

Interviewing on my day off

This past Thursday I went to the dig anyway to interview the two head archaeologists for the first paper we are writing. The prompt (for the paper) is to choose a site in Jerusalem and talk about either is sacredness religiously or politically. Because I am working at the dig I thought that The City […]

So. Bored.

So I finished my paper yesterday night because I thought I was going to hang out with Zeinab’s family today. That didn’t work out, so now I’m stuck in the apartment with nothing to do. I can’t even go out because it’s Shabbat. Everyone is working on their papers, so I can’t hang out with […]