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On Tuesday Eliana, Nick, Sarah, and I traveled to an ancient port city whose transliterated name has yet to be decided on. It was a spectacular sunny day with temperatures in the high nineties. First, we stopped by Jaffa/Yafo’s flea market where you can buy anything your heart desires or your mind dreams up. Literally, […]

Raspberries and Politics

Recently, one of my coworkers invited me on a trip to pick raspberries with her family in the West Bank. Before the trip I had to receive approval from our host organization but this proved to be simple thanks to the quick action of a staff member. My coworker, first of all, is someone who […]


The other day I went to the mall with a couple of my girls, which was seriously the cutest thing ever. They told Elena and I to wait, and then picked out five outfits for us to try on, and told us we had to buy at least one item. It was so adorable.

All […]

Looking Around the Old City

On Wednesday, I went along with Maiya, a fellow JOH intern, for an impromptu afternoon in the Old City. It’s weird, because I’ve only been back to the Old City twice since the seminar, so I mostly associate it with that portion of our stay. Still, it seems completely different when I’m not running from […]

Hello, Haifa!

Yesterday, Nick, Sarah, and I set off on yet another adventure. This time, we went to that infamous port city known as Haifa. This trip wasn’t exactly the most well-planned out. First, Sarah got sick and had to leave early. Then, Nick and I ran into some trouble getting to the Baha’i Gardens. There was […]

Letting Go (part 1)

3:40pm I pull my floor length dress on over my modest top rushing, a bit, because I need to be there soon. I run back to my office and chat with my bosses who kindly have let me off early. I run to a store nearby and buy a tin of cookies (better than the […]

“Dirty Arabs!”

Every day I am constantly reminded about the fact that Hand-in-Hand really is a safe haven for co-existence. It’s hard, being neither Arab or Jewish, to remember that the conflict really does affect every single area of a person’s life. Even interacting with the kids at camp I am reminded this. Today, when going to […]

Towards a More Colorful Jerusalem

As Pride is right around the corner, Open House has started a huge campaign to get as many rainbow flags around Jerusalem as possible. While JOH might be a little rainbow oasis in a monochrome city (thanks, Rebekah!) all year round, we’ve been trying to change that. While this task might be easy in Tel […]

On Losing My Rock Climbing Virginity

Last Wednesday, Rebekah and I went on an evening adventure to Teddy Stadium in order to leave no rock…err multicolored protruding structure unclimbed. We were joined by two of Rebekah’s friends from the dig: Benny and Yael. It was the first time I had ever gone rock climbing.

The room with the rock climbing walls […]

Orthodox Babies!

As I’m sure most of you know, babies are my thing. I really love them and anything that has to do with them. So, logically, I have been noticing all the babies here especially. It’s funny to see how much a baby’s attire can vary depending on the religion of his or her parent. Even […]