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Let’s Go to the Mall!

In Iamsorunningoutofstufftoblogabout related news, I went to the Jerusalem Malcha Mall today and I made it back in one piece! Yes, sometimes my impeccable survival skills surprise even myself. Initially, I went to the mall on Friday with Kamilah but by the time we got there, most of the stores were closing up already. Well, this time around on a Monday afternoon everything was open and everyone was hustling and bustling to and fro.

The mall was much larger than I expected. It contained a lot of major international staples such as Office Depot, American Eagle, Zara, and H&M as well as Israeli clothing retail stores such as Golf, Renuar, and Fox (all of which can be found in Jaffa Center as well as Mamilla) and a supermarket. It was pretty crowded today. So crowded in fact that there were more baby strollers in H&M than in all of Park Slope. There were also countless pastry shops and lingerie stores scattered all across the mall, because who doesn’t like a little hot pink lace with their chocolate bonbons?

After a while, all the clothing stores started to look the same, so I didn’t stay for as long as I had hoped (which I guess would my bank account’s life a little less miserable). What I really love about the mall is that because the stores are so big, there are less opportunities for salespeople to speak Hebrew at me. Gosh, it’s like I’m in Israel or something. I don’t even want to know half the things I’ve said “ken” to. Also, what is with people asking me for directions in Hebrew every day? First of all, just judging by my clothing choices, do I look Israeli or like one of Gwen Stefani’s lost Harajuki Girls? Methinks the latter. Second of all, what part of my daydreamy/bewildered facial expressions deems me the bearer of all knowable knowledge? Well maybe one day when I do move to Israel, I can actually understand what people are saying to me half the time. Why didn’t I take Elementary Hebrew my first year instead of taking useless classes like Microeconomics? Regrets, man, sheer regrets.


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