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The other day I went to the mall with a couple of my girls, which was seriously the cutest thing ever. They told Elena and I to wait, and then picked out five outfits for us to try on, and told us we had to buy at least one item. It was so adorable.

All that aside, one thing I noticed at the Malha Mall was all of the mizuzahs in front of all the stores. Once again, this just reminded me that this is a Jewish state. And as great as that is, I definitely feel an element of exclusion from it. As much as I love Israel and the Jewish people, there is a huge element of exclusion present in the everyday non-Jew’s life. This certainly isn’t a phenomenon found only in Israel, but I felt like I should comment on it any way. It must be difficult for the Arabs (and other residents of Israel) to feel so left out from such a huge part of Israel. It must also be very hard to be reminded every day that you’re not a part of a huge section of the culture of Israel. I’m not surprised that there is such a huge divide between the two sides of the conflict, considering how much exclusion happens on both sides.


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