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Hiking in The Golan Heights

The past four weekends, and a few evenings after work, I have been taking advantage of Israel’s many trails and nature parks. Last weekend I spent Shabbot camping on the Jordan River, making our way to the Golan where we planned to hike in The Meshushim Reserve after sundown on Saturday. So, after a night […]

Trip to the Old City Part I

I posted some blog posts ago about doing some mental unpacking. I went through scenarios of different encounters that I had, in detail, but for some reason didn’t post about the event that was essentially the catalyst for the post.

Several weeks ago I went walking through the passageways of the Old City. I wasn’t […]

Cultural Appropriation and the Kotel

I hesitated about writing this on the blog, as it only deals with Jerusalem secondhand, but I do think American appropriation of Jerusalem and Jewish symbols still relates to our course, and I am so angry about this that I really do feel like I have to write about it somewhere.

A few days ago, […]

Keeping Shabbot on the Jordan River

This past Shabbot weekend my digging coworkers, Beny and Naama, and I traveled North to the Jordan river for a few days of waterside relaxation and adventure. It took a while to convince Naama we would keep Shabbot on our outdoor trip, but we succeeded by planning very thoughtfully and carefully when packing our bags. […]

Unsafe Areas?

In the past two weeks, the dig has gotten many new workers and volunteers. One of the new volunteers is a student who also lives at the student village. Consequently, we would travel to and from the dig together. The first day she seemed extremely uncomfortable because we would take the light rail to Damascus […]

Meeting Up After the Dig

This past Saturday Nick and I met up with two of my fellow diggers at the dig, Aviv and Juliette. Aviv is originally from Florida but made aliyah about six years ago, he is now studying to become a tour guide while working at the dig. Juliette is new to the dig, she had been […]


Sharqiya is an Israeli film about a Bedouin man who lives with his brother and his brother’s wife. The main character, Kemal, works as a security guard at a bus station while his brother stays and takes care of their land and their animals. The brothers are given an evacuation order because their homes was […]

The Bible Zoo

Eliana, Karina, Nick, and I went to the Bible Zoo. While there I learned that all it takes to turn a group of college student into shrieking, baby noise making children are baby meercats and penguins. It turns out that the zoo can be enjoyed at any and every age, at least for me. We […]

Is Everything Closed on Shabbat?

As some of the others mentioned in the blog earlier, everything closing down on Shabbat is surprisingly frustrating. However, I guess after two months we are starting to figure out what places are open anyway (now getting there is the only problem).

We are now able to walk to a supermarket that is about […]

The Media’s Role in the Bil’in Protests

For my internship I have been researching the way the media covered the death of Bil’in resident Jawaher Abu Rahmah. It is a lot of information to process so I figured here would be a good spot to sort out my thoughts. In 2005 the village of Bil’in was divided by the construction of the […]