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English in Hebrew

Being a linguistics minor, language obviously holds a place in my heart. When I went to India, I found it very cool that everyone was speaking in a hybrid version of Hindi and English. Even when we went to the movies, I could somewhat understand what was happening because of the amount of English put in with the Hindi. Although it is not to the same extent here in Israel, there is still a usage of English in every day Hebrew. For example, when one of the little kids misbehaved, Haggit would always turn to them and say, “Lama? Why?” It was very funny for me to hear her say that, considering she is the one who speaks the less English. Even with my older girls, I would hear English words thrown into their language once in a while. It reminds me of my high school: we spoke a hybrid of French and English constantly, sometimes throwing in some Spanish for good measure. It’s fun to see how language develops (and how much English has become globalized) in different places.


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