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Right in the Middle of it all

“Because of the holiness of Shabbat, the Fast of the Ninth of Av (“Tish’ah B’Av”) is observed today, Av 10. The fast mourns the destruction of the Temple and the exile of Israel

For approximately 25 hours–from sundown on Saturday to nightfall Sunday evening–we abstain from eating and drinking, bathing, the wearing of leather […]

Last Lunch

To celebrate my last day at Keshev, my coworkers threw a little lunch party for me. Although most people work only a few days a week, everyone came in today to say good-bye. It was great to see everyone together in one space and enjoy a delicious meal and good company. Everyone brought a dish […]

Commuting to Work

One of the amazing things about living and working in Jerusalem is the amount of history you walk past everyday. As commutes go, my commute (from the kfar to the Givati Parking lot) was fairly fast and easy. My commute, taking the light rail to Damascus gate and then walking through the Muslim quarter […]

The Chagall Windows

Eliana, Nick, and I went to see the Chagall Windows in the Synagogue at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem. Marc Chagall was born in the Russian Empire in 1887. He was 97 years old at his death in 1985. He is considered a “Jewish artist” because he incorporated Jewish images and stories into his art. […]

Back in the US

It really is so strange to be back in the US after being in Israel so long. Coming out of JFK, I felt the same way that I did when I would visit the US from France: excitement and a little sadness. I am happy that now I can read everything on the signs and […]

English in Hebrew

Being a linguistics minor, language obviously holds a place in my heart. When I went to India, I found it very cool that everyone was speaking in a hybrid version of Hindi and English. Even when we went to the movies, I could somewhat understand what was happening because of the amount of English put […]

A Red-Eyed Goodbye

For the past two and a half months, this is what I woke up to every day: the view from the second floor of building two in the kfar studentine of Hebrew University‚Äôs Mount Scopus Campus. This is French Hill. People in cars, on mopeds, on foot going to work, coming home, going to school, […]


On Tuesday Eliana, Nick, Sarah, and I traveled to an ancient port city whose transliterated name has yet to be decided on. It was a spectacular sunny day with temperatures in the high nineties. First, we stopped by Jaffa/Yafo’s flea market where you can buy anything your heart desires or your mind dreams up. Literally, […]

Raspberries and Politics

Recently, one of my coworkers invited me on a trip to pick raspberries with her family in the West Bank. Before the trip I had to receive approval from our host organization but this proved to be simple thanks to the quick action of a staff member. My coworker, first of all, is someone who […]


The other day I went to the mall with a couple of my girls, which was seriously the cutest thing ever. They told Elena and I to wait, and then picked out five outfits for us to try on, and told us we had to buy at least one item. It was so adorable.

All […]