The Spiritual Healing Temple

spiritual healing temple

The Spiritual Healing Temple is a healing center run by ordained interfaith ministers Reverend Nancy Higgins and Reverend Mary Ann Tourjee. Originally founded in December 2006 as “Spirit, Mind, Heart”, the center had grown into the Spiritual Healing Temple by January 2010.

Reverend Nancy Higgins, known to her students as “Grandmother Standing Bear”, has trained for 7 years with Sally Perry, a Cherokee Medicine Woman, and has worked in metaphysics for over 30 years. Her specialties include Shamanic breath, crystal therapy, soul retrieval, and past life regression. She has mastered the use of Tibetan and Crystal bowls, as well as special stones, in her private healing sessions. As a master teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Karuna Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki, Higgins offers all levels of Reiki training at the Temple.

Prior to the founding of the Spiritual Healing Temple, Reverend Mary Ann Tourjee was a local pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Greenfield, MA. She specializes in Sacred Beading—this includes prayer beads, as well as bracelets and necklaces made from gemstones based on the energy of the individual. Previously, she has led Mission Rosary Workshops to promote the use of prayer beads across various faiths.

The Spiritual Healing Temple offers a variety of specialized services. Shamanic Holy Fire Reiki Healing Sessions, Psychic/Intuitive Readings, Numberscope Life Chart Readings, Beads for Healing and Protection, and different levels of Reiki Training Classes. Services are individually priced.

The Temple is located in the Tibetan Plaza (265 Greenfield Road in South Deerfield, MA). To make an appointment, contact Reverend Nancy Higgins at (413)-512-0865, or Reverend Mary Ann Tourjee at (413)-446-0159. The Temple can be reached by email at

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