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FLASC (Feminist and Lesbian Alumnae of Smith College)

Feminist and Lesbian Alumnae of Smith College (FLASC)

FLASC was organized in 1985 to address concerns of feminist and lesbian alumnae of Smith College. “As feminists and lesbians, we have specific needs in the context of the alumnae network which we feel the Alumnae Association has refused to acknowledge or address. In the past several years anti-feminist and homophobic attitudes have evolved in response to mounting concern about Smith’s image. These attitudes and the actions which they promoted have left many feminist and lesbian members of the Smith community feeling hidden, excluded and demeaned. For students, one such action was the closing of a feminist/lesbian identified student house; for alumnae, these attitudes have resulted in the refusal by the Alumnae Association to publish class news items or letters from alumnae who express strong support for or involvement in feminist and lesbian issues or organizations. A Taskforce was formed last fall [Fall 1985], consisting of members of FLASC, the College administration, and the Alumnae Association. The purpose of the taskforce was to address the concerns of feminist and lesbian students and alumnae, and also to establish dialogue between the three represented groups on these issues. FLASC disbanded in 1997-98.” [From the New Current, Fall 1986]

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