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Experiencing Post War Years through Junior Year Abroad, Geneva

Experiencing the Post War Years Through Study Abroad in Geneva

Students have myriad reasons for studying abroad –some want to experience an alternate educational system, others want to meet new people, some look forward to immersing themselves in a new culture, and some are simply indulging their wanderlust. Regardless of the […]

LunaDisc Ultimate Frisbee

LunaDisc Ultimate Frisbee is a year-round club sport at Smith that was founded in 1994 by Smith alums Meredith Martins (’97), Ingrid Carlson (’96), Emily Carlson (’96), and Elspeth Healey (’95). With varied levels of experience, the four came together in the winter of ’94 with the common endeavor of playing together and encouraging others […]

The Smiffenpoofs

The Smiffenpoofs are one of several acappella groups on Smith College’s campus and are the oldest all-female collegiate acappella group in the country. Since the group’s inception in 1936, the Smiffenpoofs have sought to change the dynamics of collective singing in order to create an entertaining and enjoyable musical experience. Known by many as “the […]