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Welcome to Teaching the Archives, a site to share information both before and after our workshop on November 2-3.

We hope you’ll continue to use this blog as a resource for the wonderful work we shared in November.

We’re eager for participants to share resources in these Categories: Assignments, Exhibits (created by archivists, students, or any combination), Online Resources (readings, links to other blogs, to digital websites or databases you value), Student Work, and Syllabi.

Using the blog

Chrome works best as a browser, if you have it. Mozilla Firefox also works.

To read posts, click on any recent post, page, or category in the left hand list. Then click on the participant’s name to read the post.

To create a post, follow these steps.

1. Open a web browser
2. Paste into the URL address space in your web browser
3. Go to the “File” pulldown menu of your web browser and choose “New Tab”
4. Paste the same web address into the URL address space (now you have 2 open tabs with the same web page showing in each)
5. You can now Log In on one of the pages and use the other for the instructions.
6. Choose the left tab and click on “Log In” which is in the left hand column of the website.
Log in using the credentials that were emailed to you (if you are a non Smith user)
If you are a Smith user, use your Novell credentials)
7. This will bring you to the “Dashboard” of the Teaching the Archives site.
8. To create a Post, click on the “Posts” in the left had column on the “Dashboard”.
9. Click “Add New”.
10. Enter a title: Your name plus what you’re posting .
11. Enter text or links in the body of post.
12. Do not enter any extra blank lines at the end of an entry.
13. Check a Category for your post from the list on the right.
14. Click Publish.

To edit a post you’ve already made, click edit on the toolbar beneath your post and make your changes. Click Update on the right when you’re done. Then in browser, click “Refresh” icon to see the edited version of your post.  Or I can post your materials for you. Just send to me by email

To create a Page entry, from the Dashboard, click on “Pages” in the left hand column and choose “All Pages” when it appears under the “Pages” button. Next, click on Bios and enter your name and institution following the format of other bios, then enter or paste your bio.

Enjoy Teaching the Archives, the blog.  Thanks for all fabulous materials to browse and learn from.

Susan Van Dyne