Water Inquiry Teacher Group

Invitation to Join!
Water Inquiry Teacher Group 2015-’16
Open to K-6 teachers in all grade levels and disciplines

Why Water Inquiry?rsz_img_3241 (1)

  • Project Based Learning
  • Schoolyard & Local Investigations
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Literacy and Arts-Integration

Why Join?

  • Professional learning community
  • Honoraria and PDPs
  • Roundtables with refreshments
  • Smith College student and faculty support

What’s the Commitment?

  • Attend July 1 Workshop:  Field Trip and Project Launch
  • Participate in 4 out of 6 Roundtables  (2-hour sessions Sep-May)
  • Please reply by May 18

IMG_3244Interested to find out more?  

Student Contact:
Allyson Ciccarone aciccarone@smith.edu

Faculty Contact:
Carol Berner cberner@smith.edu


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