Clue Number 2! A Rhyme from Water Inquiry

“Flood cupcakes” were enjoyed by Water Inquiry researchers at their recent meeting!

Welcome, Water Inquirers, to the end of another year!
As you grade your final papers, we hope you’ll lend an ear.

It’s been a productive fall in our “thinking lab” near Capen.
Inquiry, Inc. characters had lots of puddles to play in.

Carlos asked his questions; Lee had lots of fun.
But we can’t tell you why, for the story has just begun!

Back in late October, we presented you with a clue.
And though it was quite telling, its relevance we did eschew.

But now it’s time for another hint, as the first snow falls and vacation draws near.
If you play close attention, the theme of our upcoming story should ring clear:

On a cold winter’s eve, Water Inquiry did gather
In the apartment of Pinn, where blue frosting she did lather
Upon some “flood cupcakes,” with rubber duckies and all–
An edible depiction of the narrative we crafted this fall.

“What happens when there is too much water?” our characters ask with concern
As rain pools in important places, lending opportunities to think and to learn.

While our first tale chronicled ducklings as they traveled underground,
Our new tale presents a different problem about water that surrounds.

From drain to rain
And rain to drain
Our characters brought their knowledge.
But “What about water that doesn’t disappear?” is a question that stumped students in college.

So that is the plight that characters now explore
In an exciting new story that surely will not bore.

Your students will get to end the tale *
Before packing their work into a box and sending it through the mail.
We eagerly await their problem-solving,
Their questions and hypotheses ever-evolving.

Goodbye for now, and we will see you after the break,
Ready to share our story about a field that turns into a lake!

‘Till next time,
The Water Inquiry Team

*stay tuned for details about the “Unfinished Story Box” writing challenge that will invite your students to create and share original endings for the next Inquiry, Inc. water investigation. 

Written by Brittany Collins on behalf of Water Inquiry

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