Schoolyard Investigations

Water Inquiry resources for elementary school teachers include frameworks for collaborative learning adventures, inquiry-based classroom discourse, and active, participatory pedagogies that allow students and teachers to explore the wonders of water in their local communities. We encourage interested educators to explore the information below, and we welcome new ideas or the sharing of additional materials! Click to view/download the following PDFs.

Investigating Local Water: An Inquiry Framework for Teachers
This framework offers insight into the intentions and actions of the Water Inquiry project while outlining classroom learning adventures that encourage students and teachers to investigate water on their school grounds, explore organic ideas in the classroom, and develop and revise theories about water while using evidence to hone hypotheses.

Teacher Resources (Click to view PDF)
Complementary to our Inquiry Framework (above), this packet includes classroom resources for learning about water (description of the Wonder Center; Water Journal; vocabulary for water conversations), inquiry and collaboration tools (rubric for group talk; “what is knowledge building discourse?”; visual/visible thinking strategies), and a map of the Jackson Street school grounds.

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