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I-20s almost complete

We’re down to five I-20s left to issue, which is a tiny number when you consider that means we’ve issued about 130. If you haven’t heard anything about your I-20 (UPS will send an email to you directly with the tracking number when it’s sent) PLEASE contact us at right away.

– Ashavan Doyon, Office for International Students

A desk covered by envelopes and I-20s

I-20s on Mr. Doyon's desk waiting to be sent.

I’m spending the day sending I-20s. We are almost done with all the I-20s for which we received the original Certification of Finance forms.

Summer 2013: I-20 Processing

The summer is in full swing. Dean Tamzarian (Dean T) and I are working hard to make sure all I-20s are processed promptly. I-20s take about a half an hour to issue each, and then there is another 15 minutes of copying and filing, and another 15 or so to take care of the actual mailing. This means an average I-20 that has no problems, no missing information, an easy to read and complete certification, takes an hour to process. There are only two of us, so this process takes time.

We have already issued and sent 80 I-20 forms. That means that over half of all I-20s for the entering students have been issued and sent.

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer. Enjoy it! But please, if you haven’t sent your Certification of Finances (there are about 25 of you who have not) PLEASE send it immediately. We cannot process your I-20 without it.