Conbust 2020

ConBust is a sci-fi/fantasy/anime/gaming convention put on each spring by students at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. This three-day event provides fans of various geekdoms the opportunity to gather and enjoy their interests as a whole. Panels and workshops, as well as many artists, vendors, and tabletop/LARP games, can be found in great abundance throughout the weekend. And of course, we have a fabulous array of guests who will be attending and presenting panels.

What sets ConBust apart from most other sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and/or gaming conventions is its focus on the female members of the participating community. While the various realms of geekdom remain stereotypically male-dominated, ConBust is held to celebrate the work and participation of women amongst these genres.

Responding to Covid-2019

All of the staff at Conbust are incredibly sad to announce that the con will not be happening this year due to Smith moving to online classes. The dance which was previously advertised has been cancelled as well. If you are a guest, panelist, artist or vendor, you will be emailed soon, and if not, please reach out to our email account listed on this page.

We apologize for the cancellation and late notice. Please know that we are just as frustrated and upset as you are, and that will do our best to make things right with the ways we're given. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. For further information, please check the Conbust twitter account, which has live updates.

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