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Seussical: The Musical
Music & Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Book by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Director: Courtney Arnold '20 and Hannah Lebowitz-Lockard '20
Musical Director: Sarah Vespa '20
Choreographers: Courtney Arnold '20, Hannah Lebowitz-Lockard '20, D Lightman
Stage Manager: Emily Joyce '19J
Pit Director: TBA
Props Charge: Miriam Hodas '19

Show Dates:
November 15th, 8 pm
November 16th, 8 pm
November 17th, 8 pm

Davis Ballroom, Smith College

Cat in the Hat: Rowyn Davis
Jojo the Who: Tiv Hay Rubin
Horton the Elephant: Heather Hannon
Gertrude Mcfuzz: Emily Prentergast
Mayzie LaBird: Louisa Blatt
Sour Kangaroo: Eve Plank
General Washington Schmitz: Eli Cronin
Mr. Mayor: Katie Ciurleo
Mrs. Mayor: Natalie Maggs
Wickersham Brothers: Ellie Noble, Icarus Tyree, Jack Kendrick, Jenine Jacinto
Bird Girls: Julianne Borger, Roshni Patnayakuni, Gwyneth Rennell, Ellison Smith
Young Kangaroo: Molly Loughney
Grinch: Kate Bruncati
Vlad Vladikoff: Rory Grant Wingate
Yertle the Turtle: Rachel Carr
Cindy Lou Who: Fiona King
The Whos: Cassandra Gonzalez, Emma Hall, Jessica Yoder, Meg Alquist, Shirley Zhang
Jungle Creatures: Nikki Crouse, Sarah Glidden, Talia Goldwasser
The Military Cadets: Emma Hall, Kate Bruncati, Molly Loughney, Rachel Carr, Roshni Patnayakuni, Shirley Zhang, Talia Goldwasser
Circus Ensemble: Jessica Yoder, Katie Ciurleo, Meg Alquist, Natalie Maggs
Hunches: Ellie Noble, Fiona King, Icarus Tyree, Jenine Jacinto, Rory Grant Wingate, Nikki Crouse
Scary Voices: Cassandra Gonzalez, Jack Kendrick, Jessica Yoder, Meg Alquist, Rachel Carr, Sarah Glidden
Fish: Ellison Smith, Gwyneth Rennell, Julianne Borger, Nikki Crouse, Sarah Glidden
Hunters: Julianne Borger, Roshni Patnayakuni, Gwyneth Rennell, Ellison Smith

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