Relationships in Chinese Culture

Relationships have long been a central focus in Chinese poetry and art. The paintings and poems in this online gallery have been chosen because they all explore the ways in which humans connect with one another and with the outside world.

The works we have chosen are arranged thematically in order to convey an outward progression. The sequence begins with a portrayal of the timelessness of true friendship. The last two paintings and poems capture the ways in which people connect with nature.

The aim of this online gallery is to explore Chinese perceptions of the intricate and often intangible ties that bind people to the world around them. In this exhibition, one can see how the beauty of human existence is found in the many profound connections we share.

Online Student Curatorial Team:

Gloria Cheng ’18, Molly Hurd ’18, and Sidney Lu ’17

Photos from presentations by Gloria, Molly and Sidney Lu ’17.
Photographs by Lynne Graves for SCMA.