Developmental Biology Illustrated Video Series

Traditionally, when students are assigned textbook readings, they rarely achieve the pre-learning objectives needed to successfully engage in solving complex problem sets during class. In the Developmental Biology Illustrated Video series, Dr. Michael Barresi and his colleague, Dr. Scott Gilbert of Swarthmore College, generate topic-focused videos that are designed to support text readings and lecture content directly related to experiments introduced in class.

Based on the principle of the flipped classroom, the video series serves to:

  • Increase class time for problem solving by assigning required text readings and illustrated video tutorials outside of class.
  • Increase student/faculty interaction and learning by dedicating class time to problem-solving case studies and experiments.
  • Improve student comprehension of textbook readings by providing on-demand illustrated videos that can be reviewed at any time, on any device.

Through the use of different pedagogical approaches and technologies (blended learning, web conferencing, grant writing, and medical case studies), Professor Barresi fosters long-term comprehension of primarily biological concepts and facilitates the ‘transfer out’ of these key ideas and skill sets to enable students to solve novel problems now and in the future.

Applications Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Motion5, Vimeo, WordPress

Differential Gene Expression

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