Email Your Class or a Group Within the Class with QuickMail

The QuickMail block can be used to send bulk emails to everyone in the course or to a specific set of students.

Instructors have two options when it comes to mass communication with everyone in the course, the Announcements forum and the QuickMail block.

The “Announcements” forum is the best place to make class-wide announcements because it keeps a copy in the forum AND sends an email out to everyone. It is not a good place for discussion, as it emails everyone.

If you need to email just a select group of people, or if the email is not something you want students to easily find within the course, you can use the QuickMail block.

To send an email


Find the QuickMail block in the left hand sidebar of your course.


Click Compose new email.


Select users who will receive the mail.


Compose the message and add any attachments.


You can save it for later or click Send.

An image of the moodle interface.
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An image of the moodle interface.
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Last modified: November 21, 2019