Embed a Poll Everywhere Question into a WordPress Post or Page

Poll Everywhere questions can be embedded into other websites using iframes, meaning you can show the results of a question on a website or class blog. These instructions will show you how to create a new question in Poll Everywhere, and where to find the embed code.

If you would like to later embed the question on the sophia.smith.edu WordPress site, please also review the following instructions:

Create a Question in Poll Everywhere


Log into PollEverywhere.com. In the Email or username field, enter your Smith email address.


poll everywhere login screenBelow your address, click Single Sign-On. The Smith login page will open. Enter your login credentials. Once logged in, Poll Everywhere will open.


Click Create in the upper-left to add a new question.


Choose a question type (Such as “Word Cloud”), then enter the question text. Click Create. The new question page will open.Polleverywhere select question type menu


Under 1. Configure, update the question options:

  • (Recommended) Under How people can respond, uncheck Text Messaging.
  • (Optional) Under Response settings > Each person may respond, select as many times as they like.
  • (Recommended for public websites) Under Moderation, select either Censor profanity out of responses or Block responses with profanity.

Under 3. Present, open the Share menu. Copy and paste the Shareable response link URL into a separate document to be used later.


At the bottom of the Share menu, click Embed poll. The Embed question page will open.


Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Copy and paste this snippet into your web page or blog, copy the embed code.

  • If you plan to embed on a Smith WordPress page, copy only the source URL.

example embed code


Paste the embed code into a document to be used later.

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Last modified: October 5, 2018