Import content from a prior course to a new course

This article explains how to move the contents of a course taught in academic years 2015-2016 and later.   For directions on moving a course from 2014-2015 and earlier, please refer to this Google Doc.

The video and the document below contain the same information.

If you are teaching at Smith College, you can request assistance with this task by filling out this Course Import Request form.

Import course material from one course to another


Navigate to your current “empty” course to which you would like to move content.


In the Administration sidebar, click Import


You will then see a list of all your courses.  You may need to refine the list by searching.  Once you identify the course you want to bring content from, click the radio button next to it, and then click Continue


Next you will see a list of things you’d like to bring over.  You will likely want to unselect calendar events and groups.  Then click Next. 


You now have the chance to include or exclude any particular items.  Click Next again and verify your choices.


If everything looks right, click Perform Import


Your new course is ready.  If you brought over the news forum from an old course you should delete one of the news forums.

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Last modified: August 7, 2019