Log in to WordPress (for Smith Users)

WordPress at Smith College has two different login methods depending on where your site is located.

  • Most WordPress sites are found at sophia.smith.edu. If your blog address starts with “sophia.smith.edu” follow the Log into Sophia instructions below.
  • Sites created before 2016 are located at www.sophia.smith.edu/blogs. If your blog address starts with “sophia.smith.edu/blog”, follow the Log into Blogs instructions below.

Note: Regardless of the WordPress version your site is on, you will see the same interface after logging in.

Log into Sophia


To log in to Smith College WordPress, go to https://sophia.smith.edu.


In the sidebar on the right side of the page, click Log in. The login screen will open.

Sophia Smith WordPress login.
Sophia Smith WordPress login (click to enlarge).

Click Your Smith or Five Colleges account.

Sophia Smith WordPress login
Sophia Smith WordPress login, select organization.

The Select your organization screen will open. Click Smith College. 

Select organization (for Five Colleges users)
Select organization (for Five Colleges users).

The Smith College login screen will open.

Log in to WordPress using Shibboleth image
Log in to sophia.smith.edu WordPress.

Enter your Smith College username and password, then click Login.

Find Your Site

When logged into WordPress, you can easily see and open any of your sites hosted on Sophia. This is especially helpful if you work on multiple sites.


At the top left of the page, in the admin toolbar, hover over My Sites. A list of sites you have editing access to will appear.

  • To navigate to the dashboard of a site, hover over the site name in the drop-down list and choose Dashboard.
  • To view the site, hover over the site name in the drop-down list and choose Visit Site.

    visit site link
    Visit site link highlighted.

Log into Blogs (Sites Created Before 2016)


To log in to Smith College Blogs, go to https://sophia.smith.edu/blog/. The WordPress login screen will open.

WordPress login screen.
WordPress login screen.

Enter your Smith username and password. Click Log In. You will automatically be redirected to your site.

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Last modified: June 25, 2019