Upload Feedback Files in Moodle

One feature of Moodle is the ability to download all student submissions, mark them up, and upload them in bulk to students with feedback. Once you get the hang of the process it can save a great deal of time spent emailing drafts back and forth.

Set up


Go to the edit settings screen for your assignment.


Under Submission types, choose File submissions.


Under Feedback types choose Feedback files.

Download and mark up submissions


Go the the assignment, and click View/grade all submissions.


In the sidebar or from the Choose… menu, click Download all submissions.  This will download a .zip file that contains all the students uploaded files.


Move the .zip somewhere you’d like to keep student submissions on your computer, and double click to unpack it.  This will generate a folder.  Inside the folder you will see that each of the students’ submissions have been downloaded and given a specific name.  Don’t change the names of the files!screenshot-of-finder-10-11-16-4-16-17-pm


Now, you can use whatever software you like to mark up the student work.  For example, if you have asked students to submit Microsoft Word documents, you could make comments using the Track Changes functionality.  If they have submitted PDFs you can mark up a PDF using software such as Preview.   It’s important that when you save your changes to the students submissions that you do not change the filename.  If you’d like to simply mark up the submissions, that’s fine, or you can make a copy and mark those up.  Just don’t change the file name. : )

Upload feedback files


Get all the files that you have marked up into their own, new folder.  It’s important that this be a new folder on your machine.  If you simply use the original folder that they came down in, the process won’t work.


Create a .zip of the new folder full of assignment feedback files. To do this on a mac you right click on the folder, and choose compress. On a PC you right click the folder, choose Send…


In Moodle, go back to View/grade all submissions. Under Choose… select upload multiple feedback files in a zip. This will bring you to a screen that will allow you to upload the feedback file zip you just created.


You should now be able to see your feedback files along with the original submissions.


We'd love your feedback!

Last modified: March 3, 2017