WordPress Posts vs. Pages

Even though “Posts” and “Pages” are created similarly in WordPress, they have some important differences that you need to consider when building your site. In a nutshell, posts are entries that can be organized in a number of different ways. Posts can be listed chronologically, and found in “archives” ( categorized lists ) based on tags and/or categories. On the other hand, pages are static and do not use dates, tags or categories. ¬†People tend to use pages for content that stays in one place, like an “About Me” page.

Pages and Posts
Pages and Posts in WordPress

When to use Posts?

  • Posts can be used for information that needs chronological organization. You can select either latest or oldest posts to go first.
  • Posts are good for information that requires tags or categories.¬† For example, if you want users to be able to find all the posts about a certain topic.
  • Posts can be used if you want the URL to display the date of publication.

When to use Pages?

  • Pages should be used to publish content that will not have many changes over time.
  • Pages are good as stand-alone content publications.
  • Pages are good if you plan to create a Parent-child relationship between content (e.g. Europe: France, Germany, Spain).

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Last modified: June 1, 2017