Smith Media Studios



Educate, support, and encourage members of the Smith community in the creation and use of digital media.

Smith Media Studios, located in Henshaw D off Round Hill Rd. is dedicated to helping the Smith community create quality digital media. We offer support for media project planning, video and audio recording and production, streaming media, media duplication and conversion, web and video conferencing.

Equipment available for checkout to support media production across campus includes video and photo cameras, digital audio recorders, lighting kits, microphones, tripods and more.

Facilities include a self-service media duplication booth, sound recording booths, a 12 seat digital media lab and a fully equipped video studio.

For more information call 413-585-2954

Sharon Moore, Deputy CIO, Information Technology
Jean Ferguson, Director, Learning, Research & Technology
Jo Cannon, Associate Director
Yasmin Chin Eisenhauer, Associate Director
Dan Bennett, Senior Educational Media Producer
Sandra Bycenski, Media/Systems Support Specialist
Jeff Heath, Video Technologies Administrator