The Fellowships Program advises Smith students and recent alumnae who wish to apply for competitive national and international fellowships.

Our approach – information, advice, and encouragement, work with candidates and their mentors – adopts the “by design” approach of the Lazarus Center for Career Development. Fellowship applications are part of career development. We seek to enable students and alums to imagine and create future pathways that fulfill their passions, fit their educational, career, and life goals, and manifest the Smith spirit of doing well to do good in the world.

Explore then Focus then Gain access to Fellowships Moodle site

Fellowships Prg. Process & Stages

Fellowship advising is linked to advising in your majors and with faculty mentors.

Fellowships exploration starts with introduction to relevant opportunities through our website and conversation with fellowships advisers and other campus mentors. When a fellowships plan takes shape and is agreed with the individual and their advisers, the candidate begins work on Moodle, completing a series of exercises under fellowships adviser supervision in preparation for making fellowship applications.

When you are certain that you are ready and an appropriate candidate for one or more of the principal fellowships, express your interest and talk with a fellowship adviser about how to begin work on the Moodle exercises. We will touch base with your faculty advisers. Then, we’ll begin work.

Fellowships that require Smith College nomination or endorsement involve a longer period of advising and preparation. Some require formal application for a Smith College nomination.