Getting started

Explore your options.

We’ve provided summaries of principal fellowships, more fellowships, and resources for how to continue research on your own.

For which opportunities are you eligible to apply?

Eligibility has many variables – citizenship, completed level of education, academic subject area, intended career, and more. Read the eligibility fine print for the opportunities that most interest you. If your eligibility is not crystal clear, talk with a fellowship adviser for clarification. Are there elements of eligibility that you can influence (like GPA or experience)?

What is the time line for expressing your interest and making applications?

Once you know one or two opportunities that interest you, tell a fellowships adviser that you are interested. Start conversations with your advisers. Familiarize yourself with when you may apply for opportunities. If you need to apply to be endorsed for a fellowship, pay close attention to when you must begin working toward your goal. Remind yourself of deadlines.

Getting Started Information Sheet