Principal fellowships requiring Smith College nomination or endorsement include the following:

Fall nomination [information sheet]

Spring nomination [information sheet]

Fulbright endorsement

Reach out to an adviser or complete a short informational form to get started on the Fulbright Fast Track. Mid- to late fall is a great time to start planning your application. In the spring semester ahead of your intended fall application, work closely with your advisers to plan the final shape of your application proposals. Save a block of time in late spring/summer to prepare your application.

The fellowship requirement that the College nominate or endorse candidates has some implications:

  • The number of applicants endorsed by the College may be limited.
  • Endorsement may require preliminary application for nomination.
  • Students must anticipate the extra time required to prepare their applications. Allow ample time for conversations with mentors, letter writers and fellowship advisers. Multiple drafts are not just advisable, but required of students who seek College endorsement. Time will be required prior to external deadlines to complete the College’s endorsement letter or report on the candidate.
  • Advisees should tell their faculty and staff mentors and advisers about the particular fellowships that interest them. Request, don’t assume, that your mentor, adviser, or teacher will write a letter of recommendation for you. Discuss and provide succinct information to help your letter writers understand the selection criteria for a particular fellowship.
  • Internal deadlines are relevant deadlines for fellowships that require nomination or endorsement.