What are fellowships?

By “fellowships” we mean merit scholarships or grants for formal education or an educational experience. The principal fellowships on which we focus are those that last for an academic year or more and are awarded after a national or international competition.

National and international fellowship applications provide high-level external validation of the quality and high achievements of the awardee. With high esteem and high benefits comes high competition.

The benefits of applying extend far beyond competition outcomes, as significant as those can be for awardees. Each candidate hones application, interview, and research skills as well as explores their own goals and capacity.

Other awards – summer internships, research programs, study abroad – are relevant to the development of your fellowship plans if they enhance your knowledge and experience. Some of these shorter duration opportunities may also be called fellowships. We provide information about many of these awards, too.

How to improve prospects for fellowships?

Most fellowships look for fellows with high academic achievement, engaged in campus and community, who are creative and critical thinkers. Individuals enhance their prospects by taking advantage of the richness of Smith’s liberal arts curriculum and co-curricular opportunities.

Study what you love and feel is important. Challenge yourself. Explore on campus and off. Take on responsibility. Solve problems. Be a doer and practice rallying others to do things that matter with you.

We encourage students to pursue personal, educational, and career development. Talk with your advisers and teachers. SeekĀ  research and travel experiences. Explore the Lazarus Center for Career Development.