Sprint Review 74-75

  • 0:00 – Introduction, Q3.2 hotfixes, Q4 (Edelweiss) Release Plan, Highlights
    • UNAM – whole team needed to move onto another project, replaced by Israel Durán Martínez, Isela García Bravo, and Arturo Rendón Crux (almost full FTE)
    • Oleksandr Vidinieiev and Cheryl Malmborg joined Vega
    • 2 will continue to get hotfixes until one month after Q4 release (January 2020)
    • Q4 (Edelweiss) deadlines haven’t changed – development by 12/4, release by 12/20
  • 9:10 – Thunderjet (Acq): Dennis Bridges, Andrei Shumski, Mikita Siadykh
    • Opening PO setting – “Save and Open Order”
    • 13:18 – Receiving items with open requests
  • 16:10 – Spitfire: Maksym Dryha
    • Requests with fulfillment preferences (pickup and delivery)
  • 23:15 – Folijet: Ann-Marie Breaux, Vlad Velytskyi, Masha Aloshyna, Igor Gorchakov
    • empty field values in Inventory and other UI fixes
    • 27:10 – HRID page in Inventory settings, searching in logs
    • 32:11 – Pubsub module
  • 37:55 – Concorde: Dmytro Popov, Sergiy Sergiyenko, Viktor Soroka
    • Loan history backend and frontend validation
    • 45:50 – circ rules editor improved searching for location, new user permissions
  • 53:10 – Vega: Kostyantyn Khodarev
    • Patron loans and notifications on checkout
  • 58:30 – Stripes-force: Rasmus Wølk, John Coburn
    • New component called MessageBanner for displaying notes to users
    • UI-Users routing refactor (one of the oldest modules with lots of code styles – much more responsive post-refactor and much easier to develop with and to test)
  • 1:12:48 – Core Functional: Matt Connolly, Michal Kuklis
    • Updates to search and filter in inventory, screen layout changes, placeholders for preceding and succeeding titles
    • 1:18:29 – UI updates in requests – reorder queue and prevent requests from inactive users
  • 1:23:03 – QA Update: Anton Emelianov
    • Still in a negative bug trend (opening more than are closed)
    • Better descriptions in test cases for future bugfests

Sprint Review 72-73

  • 0:00 – Introduction, Q3.2 Recap, Q4 (Edelweiss) Release Plan, Highlights
    • Vladyslav (Vlad) Velytskyi new to Folijet
    • Svitlana Zmiivska and Anna Melnyk new to Vega
    • Q3.2 delayed a few days due to bugs – more hotfixes in Daisy, with more critical fixes being deployed continually through to January 2020
    • Q4 (Edelweiss) development deadline by 12/4, for release by 12/20
  • 9:10 – Spitfire: Yurii Danylenko
    • Request fulfillment – slip settings and forms with variables
  • 14:45 – Thunderjet: Aliaksei Chumakou, Andrei Shumski
    • Mapping normalized ISBNs from Inventory to Product ID field in a PO Line
  • 20:30 – Finance – allocating and transferring money between funds
  • 27:10 – Vega: Oleksandr Antonenko
    • Permissions – search and sort
  • 29:26 – Folijet: Taras Tkachenko, Igor Gorchakov
    • Match Profiles and Action Profiles
  • 33:52 – Data Import rules – allow users to make changes with CLI
  • 38:10 – Concorde: Volodymyr Rohach, Yevhenii Maltsev
    • Users: Anonymizing Fines/Fees
    • Circulation Rules editor – locations searchable in a menu that shows child locations and drops in the full path
  • 43:45 – Core Functional: Matt Connolly, Cate Boerema
    • Inventory enhancements – default collapsing and searching in sidebar
  • 47:04 – Loan rule settings – examples of rolling and fixed schedule policies
  •  54:25 – Closing

Sprint Review 70-71

  • 0:00 – Teams
    • Mariia Aloshyna new to Folijet
    • Roman Barannyk new to Vega
  • 1:05 – Daisy Release (Q3.2) public on 2019-09-30
    • Elderflower (Q4) public on 2019-12-20
    • Definition of Done updates from last sprint are now operational
  • 5:49 – Sprint highlights
    • Backend searching (SQL searches that can span multiple indexes)
    • CI/CD architecture
    • Skipping team highlights, as most teams are doing demos later in the recording
  • 11:18 – Vega: Dmytro Tur
    • Multiple item patron notices
    • 16:46 fee fine charge
  • 20:20 – Thunderjet (Acq): Ann-Marie Breaux, Aliaksei Chumakou, Yury Aniskou, Mikita Siadykh, Andrei Shumski
    • Organization permissions
    • 25:59 approval step before opening order
    • 29:08 invoice and voucher updates
  • 38:39 – Folijet: Ann-Marie Breaux, Sasha Yehorov, Igor Gorchakov, Oleksii Kuzminov
    • Choose jobs
    • 42:07 instance mapping
    • 48:37 Status of pub/sub work
  • 53:31 – Concorde: Sergiy Sergiyenko, Yevhenii Maltsev
    • Circulation rules editor
    • 1:00:04 Normalization of locations for rules
  • 1:06:04 – Library Data Platform: Roman Ruiz-Esparza
    • Test data generator
  • 1:09:14 – Stripes-force: John Coburn
    • MCL – “listing” component – column sizing and scrolling improved
  • 1:15:35 – Core Functional: Charlotte Whitt
    • Copy barcode – click the icon to copy to clipboard
    • Item condition status
    • Copy number no longer repeatable
  • 1:21:29 – QA Update: Anton Emelianov
    • Opening more bugs than we are closing – tighten up development to reduce bugs
    • Bugfest – 64 people, no POs – real users! Stressful exercise, but helpful to have unbiased feedback

FOLIO sprint 67,68,69

  • 1:19 – Q3.1 and Q3.2 release discussion; important “Definition of Done” change
    • Not many team changes – Anatolii switched from folijet to EPAM, Bohdan joined EPAM
    • Q3.1 bugfix update done on time
    • Q3.2 module release (Daisy) public by 2019-09-25
    • Q4 (Elderflower) public by 2019-12-20
    • Expanded Definition of Done to include proper documentation of APIs, use pull request guidelines
  • 10:43 – Acquisitions
    • Thunderjet (Acq): Dennis Bridges, Aliaksei Chumakou, Andrei Shumski, Mikita Siadykh
    • Password management 12:43
    • Linking orders to invoices 16:44
    • Assigning acquisitions units to orders 19:18
    • Templates 26:08
  • 31:37 – eHoldings app and tags
    • Spitfire: Maksym Dryha
    • Filtering note types 31:37
    • Searching by tags 33:21
    •  Adding/deleting notes 34:45
  •  40:11 – Data Import (Bib/Acq), File Upload
    • Folijet: Ann-Marie Breaux, Sasha Yehorov, Taras Tkachenko
    • field mapping profiles for Data Import app 40:11
    • refined integration between SRS and Inventory: suppress-from-discovery option 43:39
  •  48:43 – Patron notices, staff slips and other core features
    • Vega: Maxim Didenko and Oleksandr Antonenko
    • Users app password reset 48:43
    • Circulation staff slips; checkout notes 50:26
  • 52:59 – Anonymizing loans, circ rules and other core features
    • Concorde: Viktor Soroka, Dmytro Popov
    • improvements to locations display in Settings app; location code validation; new cancel/save button demoed in Users app 52:59
    • saving patron group for anonymized loans 58:32
  •  1:01:11 – Stripes, UX, Accessibility
    • Stripes-force: Ryan Berger and Rasmus Wølk
    • UI app template for developers 1:01:11
    • overall UI improvements 1:08:00
  •  1:10:25 – Resource access (loans, requests etc), inventory and other core features
    • Core Functional: Zak Burke, Michal Kuklis, Magda Zacharska
    • Inventory app: new lookup tables; improvements to search. Fix “add all permissions” button in Users app 1:10:25
    • Requests app move request to another item; improvements to search/filter widget; improvements to UI connections to back end 1:15:33
    •  title-level requests 1:19:45
  • 1:25:25 – FOLIO Platform, CI/CD
    • Core Platform: Eric Valuk
    • CQL array modifiers; CQL query across tables 1:25:25
  • 1:28:40 – QA update
    • QA Update: Anton Emelianov

– Sprint breakdown by Colin Van Alstine

FOLIO Sprint Review 54-55



  1. 0:00 Welcome; Core Team split into two groups: Core Platform and Core Functional
  2. 1:12 Core Platform Team Force membership update
  3. 2:00 Core Functional Force membership update
  4. 2:49 Stripes Force membership update
  5. 3:07 UNAM Team membership update
  6. 3:31 Q4 Release notes
  7. 4:37 Q1 2019 Release details
  8. 5:08 Definition of Done
  9. 10:23 teams’ sprint highlights slides
  10. 11:12 Acq-Orders demo
  11. 26:52 Folijet demo; file uploads, extensions
  12. 34:45 Stripes Force demo; UI filters
  13. 38:03 Vega demo; renewal overrides
  14. 44:31 UNAM demo; patron blocks
  15. 100:52 Core Functional Team demo; status views, notes
  16. 109:45 next sprints:
    1. Sprint 56 (January 28 – February 8)
    2. Sprint 57 (February 11 – February 22)
    3. 1:10:58 Plans for Coming Sprint(s)
    4. 1:10:19 Q4 QA Update – Bug Fest Week (1/7 – 1/11), Escaped Defects, UI Automated Testing, Performance slides


Principles in Action

Additional functionality: Once core functionality is established, improvements, and additional functionality can be explored and prioritized. 

As we start to see FOLIO coming to life, it’s natural to get excited about all the cool new things we can imagine: leveraging linked data, integrating with external systems, resource sharing, and more. Our principle regarding the importance of establishing core functionality reminds us to keep our eyes on the prize. Maintaining a manageable scope to the project is key to a successful implementation for early adopters. There will be time to innovate after go-live.

First Named release

Patrick Zinn, Director of Marketing, University Libraries at Texas A&M is the creator of the Bee logo for FOLIO. If you would like to know the history of the bee for FOLIO you can read this story posted by Patrick. “To bee or…Hey there is a Bee”. In the world of nature bees must be able to find plants and flowers to both pollantate and feed from in order to survive.  In the world of FOLIO we need librarians, developers, designers, and service providers to contribute to the community and to the project so that it matures into one of those products that is globally trusted and supported. The people that are active in the FOLIO community now can say, “we were there when….” One way to ensure the bees survival in nature is to plant wildflowers and when a FOLIO group started to think about what to start naming product releases the decision came easy, wildflowers are found everywhere and are needed for a health bee community. The very first named release is called Aster. All releases from now on will be named for wildflowers in ABC order.  If you would like to know what all was included in the Aster Release please click on the release notes.

Record Merge Working Group

The first meeting of the Five College record merge working group will be later in February.  This group will establish a charge based on some previous brainstorming. Some examples of the recommendations this working group has been asked to develop are:  What is the scope of records we want to include for de-duplication?

  • What local fields from each record needs to be included in a new record?
  • What record should be used as base for a new record?
  • What criteria should be used for matching?
  • Should this work be done in conjunction with another vendor? With EBSCO? In-House?

The members of the committee are Rebecca Henning (Amherst), Colin Van Alstine (Smith),  Jennifer Eustis (UMass), Sharon Domier (Five Colleges/UMass) and Steve Bischof (FIT)

Aleph Advisory Group (AAG)

Successful system migrations include a preparation stage where data is cleaned. Correcting errors and aligning fields across the Five Colleges prior to moving to FOLIO will aide in a smooth data transfer. Further, clean data enables library staff to manage our resources so our patrons have an improved search and retrieval experience.

Aleph Advisory Group (AAG) is currently coordinating efforts across the Five Colleges to align bib/item formats, and to correct incorrectly assigned call number types.  We are also considering what data can be left behind (i.e. old patron records), This is a large effort that is starting to pick up steam! Do you have a suggestion for a data clean up project? Contact your local FIT or AAG representative.