Happy Holidays from the 5C Record Merge Working Group

The 5C Record Merge would like to provide a short snapshot of our activities for the year. Our working group began in February 2019 with the goal to draft a recommendations document for June 2019. During this period, we had 3 open houses to talk about the meaning of shared bibliographic records for 5C. Based on these discussions and the working group’s research, we finalized our document that was approved by FIT.

We are now in our second goal of this project, to merge specific bibliographic records in preparation for our migration to FOLIO with the help of Backstage Library Works. In a smaller open house, we revisited with the community the type of bibliographic records to be included in the merge. We used collection codes from Aleph to include only those bibliographic records that are general, or, those that don’t include special notes or languages (archival or rare books), on the fly or brief records (equipment), or those not suited because of how they are processed or managed (bound-withs, batch loaded resources, etc.). We are now doing small sample tests to refine the deduping process with Backstage Library works based on our tests and documenting the results. To help with this process, we will be considering the MARC fields from bibliographic records in our 5C Tag Treatment Document.

Stay tuned for more updates and open houses next year.

5C RMWG: Steve Bischof (UMass/5C), Sharon Domier (UMass), Laura Evans (Amherst), Jennifer Eustis (UMass), Rebecca Henning (Amherst), Colin Van Alstine (Smith)