Y-Teen Scene

image of the cover of an issue of y-teen scene with a black and white drawing of hands holding and the words brotherhood triumphs over race above the hands. Now that summer is here, and kids and teens have time outside of school to play, and create and interact with their communities it seems like a great time to celebrate how awesome kids and teens are, and what an integral role they play in building communities, and building movements. The YWCA has always worked on behalf of young people, specifically young women, and valued the contributions of these young women to the development of their mission. A great example of that commitment and the interaction of teenage women with that commitment is the YWCA publication Y-Teen Scene, which documented the lives and work of teenage girls who were active within the YWCA, and published content produced by teenagers with the intent of promoting teen empowerment and civic engagement. Continue reading


This week on Instagram (@smithlibraries) I’m highlighting the YWCA TechGyrls programs. These programs encourage girls to engage in programming and technical computer skills. When I came upon these photographs they highlighted the breadth of the YWCA of the USA records to … Continue reading