The Flash Pod

The Flash Pod

What is your wish for public spaces at Smith? What spaces are missing?

Installation in the Core
Installation in the Neilson Library Core

Claire Adams ’16 and Geneva Strauss-Wise ’16  posed these questions to the campus community in Neilson Library in Fall 2015, as part of a Special Studies course in Design/Build through the Design Thinking Initiative. Adams and Strauss-Wise invited students to redesign and reconfigure a pop-up installation space in the Neilson Library Core composed of milk crates in order to engage with these questions.

A library catalog card on a clothespin. Text: What spaces are missing on campus? cozy ones! with good teas!
The project, a “collective letter to the built environment and its planners”, used found and repurposed materials to engage with the Smith campus’ past, present, and future. Students left comments on beautifully re-purposed library catalog cards which ask questions such as “What spaces are missing on campus?”

In partnership with librarians, Strauss-Wise and Adams designed an installation that took advantage of available space and the broad and diverse community that uses Neilson Library to gain feedback for the next phase of their project: a prototype of a mobile bike cart that could be used by student groups for pop-up events on campus. The bike cart prototype, called The Flash Pod, was also installed in Neilson Library to gather student feedback.

The Flash Pod installation in the Neilson Library Core
The Flash Pod prototype in Neilson Library. Image by Instagram user @theflashpod

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