Water Inquiry Project

Water Inquiry Project

students and a professor sitting in bean bags

The Water Inquiry Project, led by Education professors Carol Berner and Al Rudnitsky, has been meeting regularly in the KnowledgeLab for the Fall 2016 semester. Some of the student participants wrote a blog post about their project, with a nice description of how they’re using the KnowledgeLab:

“Our inaugural meeting occurred in Neilson Library’s new Knowledge Lab– a space that simultaneously provides structure and freedom in the pursuit of collaboration. Brightly colored beanbag chairs and large projector screens are just some of the tools that comprise this intellectual “clubhouse,” a space in which think-tanks like ours may refine developed projects or nurture nascent ideas.”

Big thanks to our Libraries student employee Phoebe Weissblum, who took all the photos for the post!

Read more about the Water Inquiry Project and see more photos of the KnowledgeLab: