Open House!

Open House!

On Friday, October 21st, the Knowledge Lab had its first open house! We were very happy to see all of the new faces. This was a fantastic way for members of the community to interact with this new space and learn more about what the Knowledge Lab has to offer.

students making buttons
Students made their own custom buttons using the KnowledgeLab button maker

There are many different resources that people were able to explore, including MaKey MaKeys, the typewriter, the button maker and the Apple TV.  KnowledgeLab student workers were stationed at a different part of the Knowledge Lab and got to demonstrate how folks can use the space.

two students using a button maker
Tori shows another student how to use the button maker

The Knowledge Lab is an accessible and open space with resources for everyone on campus. For example, we were able to connect the MaKey MaKey kit up to bananas and play the piano! For our younger friends who came to play, this was a fun way to get them involved in the space. Exclamations of “Woah, I’ll definitely be back here! This is so cool!” could be heard as they moved from the MaKey MaKey to the mini-projector for a Hamilton soundtrack streaming session.

students looking at a TV screen together

Thank you again to all that came out! We hope to see your faces again in the future.

About the Author:

Sophia Buchanan is a junior at Smith College who is majoring in Government and minoring in Economics.