Knowledge Lab Furniture Poll

Knowledge Lab Furniture Poll

How do students want to study in the KnowledgeLab?

Now that the KnowledgeLab has been open to students for a few months, we’re starting to consider how we can improve the furniture options in the space to make it more usable and comfortable for our campus community.

For the past two weeks, a poll was left on the whiteboards in the Knowledge Lab asking students about their opinions on new furniture. Our first questions asked whether students would exercise while they study if given the opportunity, and whether they prefer cozy beanbags or sturdy office chair seating.

Here are the results:


We found that almost everyone was open to exercising while they study.

This feedback will help us in purchasing furniture like treadmill desks, where students can walk as they work on their laptops or use the desk space.


The opinion on chairs was a little more split. Several people voted for office chairs and several others for beanbags, but many commented that they liked the current chairs in the Knowledge Lab, which are fairly rigid. Another student commented that office chairs with thick cushions would be preferred, so this might be the best way to compromise when buying new seating.

Our next questions asked about preferred color schemes and communal vs. isolated seating. Here’s what we found:


Interestingly, far more people wanted isolated seating instead of communal seating.

There were also a lot of helpful requests like “chairs with lumbar support” and “more red bean bags and little tables please” that we can take into consideration when we decide on which chairs to buy.


According to our second poll, more people liked cool colors better than warm colors. Others had their own suggestions such as “natural light” and “light colored wood” which are other aspects that can be important to a particular color scheme. Cool colors and lighter woods seem to be the direction we should take after this poll.

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About the Author:

Tori Clayton is a Junior at Smith College who is majoring in both English and Music. She is a Libraries Project Assistant in Neilson Library.