KnowledgeLab Resources

Reserving the Space

To reserve the KnowledgeLab space, please email  When the space is reserved, preference is given to the party who reserved it.  When the space is not reserved, it is open to anyone who wants to use it!  Additionally, reserving the space gives you open access to the materials in the locked storage cabinet, which otherwise can only be accessed with the help of a KnowledgeLab staff person (who has the keys to the cabinet.)


Rolling Tables / Rolling Chairs


These rolling tables and chairs can be configured in whatever way best suits your purpose.

Beanbag Chairs / Rolling Coffee Tables with Outlets


Our four large beanbags provide a comfy seating option.  The small rolling coffee tables are equipped with outlets, good for charging appliances.

Whiteboards / Bulletin Boards


The KnowledgeLab has 4 whiteboards/bulletin boards available for public use.  Feel free to use the whiteboards for any purpose, including writing messages to the KnowledgeLab staff with any questions or feedback you have!  The bulletin boards are also an open space for you to post any fliers, posters, or messages you want.

Apple Airplay TV


Detailed instructions on how to use the Apple TV are posted on the TV in the KnowledgeLab.  You may use your OneCard to check out the TV remotes from the circulation desk.  The Apple TV can connect via bluetooth to apple devices (laptops, ipads, iphones, etc) and can be used as a monitor for any purpose.



Instructions for how to use the typewriter are posted on the wall above it.  Taping typewritten messages to the whiteboard is another way to exchange messages with the KnowledgeLab/Library staff, but you may use the typewriter for any purpose you choose!

Reserve the space or ask a KnowledgeLab staff member to access these resources:

Mini Projector



The mini projector can be synced with a computer to project images or video.