Smith students have two options for contributing to Labrys:

Labrys (print)

We release one magazine a year (in special circumstances, two) called, fittingly, Labrys. A typical issue runs about 60 pages and includes poetry, short fiction, and artwork. We encourage you to submit "outside of the box" work, too, like jokes, comic strips, sheet music, x-rays, microbe slides, etc.! That said, we select the best from what you send us.

Labcat (online)

In 2008, the staff started an online blog called the Labcat. This is intended as a more relaxed, experimental, in-progress or sketchbook environment. There are no restrictions on submissions except perhaps for length (no novels, please!) and tastefulness (we're fairly liberal). We accept poetry, prose, artwork, and off-the-beaten-trail stuff here too. If you send something, it will probably go onto the Labcat. We also accept alumnae submissions to the Labcat.

Now... Let's get to the Submission Guidelines!