Past and Present Latinx Students from Smith College


Welcome to Smith’s Latin American Students Organization (LASO) website! Please explore the page and add some comments along the way. We are so excited to interact with both current students and alums. Have fun with the website!

What you are seeing here is a map with the hometowns of current students and alums. The map (and the entire website) is a work in progress. The brown points are unidentified students who have attended Smith. Those students were found based on different categories: some identified as Hispanic/Latino, were citizens of countries in Latin America and Caribbean, were International Students from Latin America and the Caribbean or had a home address that was in Latin America and the Caribbean. The information was given to us by the registrar’s office, but they couldn’t provide names. They make up the classes of 1987-2018. Lastly, green points are current students and red are registered alums! Enjoy!