Life Post Smith

Major(s) Class Year Name Email Address Ethnic Identity/Identities (Afro-Latinx, Indigenous Mexican, Paraguayan, etc.) Hometown (City, State, Country) Are you/were you a MESA member? (E-board for LASO) Please list the year, semester, and position(s) About Your Life After Smith (first job, current employment, current city, etc.)
Neuroscience 2019 Lissandra Camacho Dominican Brooklyn, NY, USA Research Assistant
History and Brazilian-Portuguese Studies 2019 Daisy Paez Mexican-American Inglewood, Ca, USA Five College Rep 2015-2016; First Year Liason Spring 2017-2019 New Alum! Undecided Yet.
English and Spanish 2017 Angela Acosta Mexican American/ European American Gainesville, Florida, USA I am a PhD student in the Iberian Studies program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I am finishing up my second year and will start my third year in fall 2019.
Education and Child Studies & Italian Studies 2019 Jennifer Gutierrez Mexican-American Lomita, California, USA elementary school teacher
Speech and Language Sciences 2019 Sara Beltran Puerto Rican, Salvadoran Hamden, CT Grad school at SCSU for my masters of science in speech pathology
Theater and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies 2012 Kathy Dominican Boston, MA Co-chair 2011-2012, Publicity Chair 2010-2011, 5 college rep 2009-2010 Communications Director at Resist Foundation; Anti-Racist and Culturally Responsive Teaching Consultant
Mathematics & Education 2019 Dana Vera Paraguayan Asunción Possibly teaching in Boston area
Government, Latin American Studies 2018 Ivette Viramontes Mexican Phoenix, Arizona Treasurer (2015-2016) Cochair (2017-2018) Legal Assistant at Maria Jones Law Firm in Phoenix
Latin American Studies and History 2019 Denisse Velázquez Mexican American/Xicanx Santa Clara, CA MESA 2016-2017 (fall and spring), Secretary Immediately after Smith, I intend to return to the San Francisco Bay Area and hopefully find work doing what I love most which is working with low-income youth of color in leadership/youth empowerment programming. I will most likely continue staying in Santa Clara or the surrounding areas like San Jose.
Geosciences 2019 Sofia Johnson Nicaraguan Washington, D.C., USA fall 2017 – fall 2018: 5-college rep Graduate Student at Penn State. (Pursuing a PhD)
Economics and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies 2019 Jessica Vivar Jackson Heights No Fulbright
Religion/Education Minor 2016 Gisele Pineda Colombian Providence, RI First job: Fulbright grantee – English Teacher in South Korea; Current job: Elementary School Teacher at Match Education in Boston, MA
Psychology 2019 Yesenia Olvera Mexican San Antonio, TX, US Yes; 2017-2018; five college liaison Elementary school teacher for Teach for America in Memphis, TN
Sociology 2016 Mariana Estrella Puerto Rican San Juan, PR N/A Student Affairs/Area Coordinator, Smith College, Northampton, MA
Education & French 2019 Karla Mexican Los Angeles Treasurer 2019
Spanish and Latin American Studies 2013 Mayra Jimenez Afro-mexican Los Ángeles, Ca Returned to L.A. and have working in community engagement and advocacy more recently policy lobbying . My first job was as a Data specialist, later a public health community organizer. Currently I am the Advocacy Manager at Alcohol Justice based out of San Francisco.
Sociology/ statistics minor 2016 Karen Mayorga Mexican Los Angeles,CA City Year Los Angeles