Double Issue 2018

Double Issue 2018

The following is the Table of Contents from the 2018 Double Issue of Metamorphoses.
The complete edition, including the original language versions for the poetry, is available only in print.

Sujane Wu:

Lucas Klein:

  • Our Daily Bread, page 14.

Xi Chuan, translated by Lucas Klein:

Chen Li, translated by Elaine Wong:

  • Ariettas: An Excerpt, page 30.
  • Memorandum of A Forgotten Comforter, page 32.
  • Rio de Ouro, 1500, page 34.

Mao Zedong, translated by Hyacinthus Meredith:

  • Sixteen Character Rhyme: Shan, page 38.

Xi Peilan, translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Crossing the Yangtze, page 40.

Xu Wei. translated by Casey Schoenberger:

  • Rhapsody on the Lotus, page 42.

Yuan Haowen, translated by Joanne Tsao:

  • Written to the Lyric Pattern Mulan Hua Man: Two Poems on “Roaming the Three Terraces,” page 54.

Su Shi, translated by Ruoen Fan:

  • A Dream on the Night of the Twentieth of the First Lunar Month of Yi-Mao Year, page 60.

Zhang Jiuling, translated by Ruoen Fan:

  • Longing for Her Love afar on a Moonlit Night, page 72.

Du Fu, translated by Rouen Fan:

  • Composed on a Night after His Departure from Sichuan, page 84.

Du Fu, translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Staying the Night in a Riverside Villa, page 76.
  • The Conscription, page 78.
  • Ballad of the Fair Lady, page 82.

Li Bo, translated by Alex Foreman:

  • The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Longgully Love Song, page 86.

Wang Wei, translated by Alex Foreman:

  • Presented to Subprefect Zhang, page 90.

Fu Xuan, translated by Xurong Kong:

  • Fu on the Weathervane with Preface, page 92.
  • Fu on the Milfoil, page 94.
  • Fu on the Hound, page 96.

Anonymous (Han Era), translated by Alex Foreman:

  • South of the Walls We Fought, page 100.

Classic of Poetry, translated by Yuemin He:

  • Swallows, page 102.

Su Tong, translated by Ting Wang

  • What Does Your Husband Do?, page 105.

Fan Xiaoqing, translated by Amelia Hu:

  • Dream Delivery Express, page 116.

Chen Yingsong, translated by Paul Festa, Taylor Brady, and David Hazard:

  • The Leopard’s Last Dance, page 131.

Shi Zhecun, translated by Bozhou Men and John Allaster:

  • Miss de Luxe, page 172.

Eileen Chang, translated by Wei-hsin Lin:

  • My Views on Su Qing, page 180.
  • The Sayings of my Aunt, page 198.

Wang Jingtao, translated by Meghan Cai:

  • A Sweet Kiss After Wine, page 202.

Bujilgen Jakdan, translated from the Manchu by Elena Suet-Ying Chiu:

Li Yu, translated by Jessica Moyer:

  • Cherishing the Fragrant Companion, Scene 10: Playful Vows, page 216.

Thalia Pandiri and Sujane Wu:

REVIEW: ANTOLOGIA POETICA: TRA IL CIELO E LA TERRA/ BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. Poesie in cinese classico, inglese e italiano/Poems in the Classical Chinese, English and Italian, page 228.

Poets and Authors, page 234.